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Negative Calorie Fruits

It is said that some fruits can actually be considered negative calories. The reason for this is the foods use more calories in order to be broken down by your body than the amount they are actually worth. Here is a List of

17 Negative Calorie Fruits:

1.     Lemon
2.     Mango
3.     Watermelon
4.     Tomato
5.     Raspberries
6.     Orange
7.     Strawberries
8.     Apple
9.     Cranberries
10.                        Grapefruit
11.                        Tangerine
12.                        Pineapple
13.                        Honeydew
14.                        Peach
15.                        Blueberries
16.                        Cantaloupe
17.                        Lime
Will you add these negative calorie fruits to your diet to help you lose weight? 


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